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Memoirs of a Hysterical Undergrad
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6th-Dec-2010 01:38 am - I'm a Vampire now
Serious Thoughts
But only regarding their "sleeping" habits. I'm sleeping during the day and I'm awake during the night, so that's awesome?

I put my non-sleeping night to good use last night and watch all the eps of Misfits. I seriously have to stop being so damn prejudiced about some shows. Why the hell haven't I been watching this? Future!Simon being here is something I have to think over again, because I didn't notice any menace looming in the horizon. At least not "from the future". This show all made me realize that I have the principles of a pancake. I went from "Can Simon get even more creepy?" to "Oh, he so sweet!". WTF?

The Merlin finale: Meh. I liked it but I didn't loved it. I feel sorry for Morgana as she is all alone now. Before she had Morgause, who may not have been the best role model ever, but at least was something, right? I liked the Arwen scenes, but I don't think they add much to their story, so will see what the next season brings. It sucks that it doesn't premiere till 2012. But apparently, after getting discovering British shows, I seem to be better at controlling my anxiety.

And in regards to both shows: People talking about how EPIC a pairing is, it's starting to get to my nerves. Smallville fandom ruined the word for me, and even if I don't hear it ever again in my life, it won't be enough

Being Human premiere is less than a month away! I don't know why I',m convinced it start mid-January, but I can't find when exactly. I need Annie back ASAP.And I'm crossing my finger so that there's no Lucy-like character this season. The woman had one redeeming scene in the whole show and they blew it up in the same ep. And I'm checking out the US remake, if only to see Sam Witwer at least one more time.

Tumblr is acting up again. But that shouldn't be much of a surprise lately.

ETA'd: 'Cause I don't like to have way too many post in the same day (technically it's a different day, but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so...)
I hope I'm done with university. I have my last finals last week. And I have to retake one next week. And if all's good, I don't have to go back to University at all, except for reasearch for my grad papes, to defed them and for the stupid party. The only reason I'm going is because my dad wants to (a recurring them of my life) but I couldn't care less about it. Surprisingly enough, my mum, who I though would take my side on this, also wants to go, so I'm out-numbered. Damn!
And talking about parties, I'm not feeling the Christmas joy this year, either. Last year was an exception, but I'm back to my quasi-Grinch like state. I guess that once you don't get gifts (and that's the case in my family), it's just another day. And as I lived in a really small town, it meant: no shops, nobody on the street and shitty TV programming. It's not that I hate Christmas. It's just that I don't care either way.
29th-Nov-2010 08:01 pm(no subject)
Serious Thoughts
Fuck ME!
Seriously. it's 8 p.m. and I have a final tomorrow at 9 a.m. Progress on the material: 0%! I had a whole week. A FUCKING WEEK. To get ready for this final and now I have to cram 12 weeks worth of knowledge in pretty much 4 hours. Oh and I have to eat (it's the 29th after all, and ñoquis are known to be "lucky" and Lord knows Luck is what I need) and get ready for tomorrow. So, yeah I'm FREAKING AWESOME! If you never ever hear from me again it's because my mum killed. SERIOUSLY.
25th-Nov-2010 12:39 am(no subject)
Serious Thoughts
Thanks to everyone who replied to the last post!

I'm done with classes. Friday was my last class and my first final in the last semester (hopefully) of my undergrad life. It felt weird. I did get to see Jules, which was awesome as I haven't seen her in at least a month. It's funny because we both go to the same university and it's a really small campus, so we should have been able to see each other ofter, but schedules and what not didn't allow it.
I still have to see the last 5 eps of V. I'm waiting for Christmas so that I watch them in one go and I'm caught up with it. I'm all caught up with Community now. I watched all the eps on Saturday (20 eps) and Sunday (the rest). I have absolutely no life (if that's not obvious by now) and no will to study apparently.
I do have a New Year's resolution (even if it's not even December yet), and that's to stay more "in touch" with the people on my flist. I'd say reply to every post but a) not all post are there to be replied to, b) I don't want people getting sick of me and c) sometimes I have no idea what to say.
I have slept almost 7 hours in the last two night, woke up today at 7 and I'm not sleepy at all at 12:30 a.m. So my sleep is "broken" and so is my appetite, apparently. 'Cause I don't ruin things, I just plain destroy them.
15th-Nov-2010 11:28 am - Because I have to share this...
Serious Thoughts

One the interviews I had the other day? Lucky me, I got to the second round in both of them. The other probably pays a little bit more, but as I can sit around waiting for them, because a) I don't know if I'd actually get that job and b) while doing so, the one that already called me may just drop me. I can start after finals, which is a good thing. The only bad thing is that I have to go shopping for clothes, as all I have is jeans and I can't wear those TO WORK! (I can't believe I'm over the moon about this. I means it's bye bye 2 1/2 months holiday on summer, with a pool!)
I do have a plan regarding my two grad papers (that I haven't even finished). The proposal for the first one (the "Accountant" one, as I'm calling it) will be done on weekends during summer and when it's done. I don't think it'll take more that 4 weekends, I'll start with the paper, even if I hadn't been given the OK from my mentor (I still have to call her) or the Board. Once that's all done and defended, I'll start the other one, and because I need to do some field work for that, I'll use my vacation time, in August or something like that, to go back home and do the interviews and that's that. If I'm lucky I'll only have ONE graduation ceremony. Unless my dad wants to go to both of them (after all I'm go to at least one because of him).
In other news, my body hurts. I had this wonderful idea of doing exercise WITHOUT warming up. Yep, 'cause I'm smart like that. I'm a question mark. I can't walk straight and just thinking about having to do some more today? NOOOOO. And something ridiculous I have on my mind: I'm obsessed with weighting 45 kg. That's bad because I'm 1.57 (apparently) and that weight is "underweight", according to the BMI table. Still, when I weighted 45 I still wasn't thin, thin. So there's no reason for me to want to be that "thin" but I still wish I did. Weird how my mind works.

I just realized this might be the second or so entry where I didn't rant about anyone. Well, there's a but of ranting here, so I guess it doesn't count.

And because everyone should be this happy, watch this kid and try to imitate (I know I'm gonna try):

14th-Nov-2010 01:52 am(no subject)
Serious Thoughts
My laptop and my WLAN decided to start bitching right during Bingo today. I haven't been able to finish upload my Big Bang for Shonda_Land, and Firefox is acting up. There's no way I can make it on time. So I'm gonna have dinner and go to sleep. It's after all 2 a.m.
8th-Nov-2010 08:42 pm(no subject)
Serious Thoughts
Do you know that person who is walking under the pouring rain (not a drizzle) with a perfectly functioning umbrella in one hand? That person who is a walking pile of wet clothes, who is literally dropping wet? If you ever come to Buenos Aires and you see her, you'll be meeting me. I don't know why I keep doing, but whenever it's raining I have the need to walk home, it doesn't care where I am. Last time (two Fridays ago), it rained, I walked 7 km. (according to Google). It could have been less, but I spaced out and ended up in the bus station. I almost bought a ticket back home, but I only had my credit card (that my parents still pay for *hangs head in shame*) and if I had done that, my mum would have drop kicked me back to B.A.

I had job rejection number 5 last week. It kind stung a bit, 'cause the interview for that was the previous Friday in the afternoon (coincidentally it was the last time it rained, prior to today) and by Monday morning I have the e-mail in my inbox saying "Thanks, but NO thanks" basically. It practically meant I'm un-employable (if that word exists). It also put me in a weird funk (or made it worse). I've been sad, apathetic, sad, mad at myself for being sad without no reason whatsoever, (after some cheering myself up) content, and sad again. Rinse and Repeat.

Anyways, I had TWO job interviews today, so we'll see how that goes. It also rained, and I also ended up eating at the food court of a mall. I almost had the same thing (lemon pie Diet Coke), but seeing as the weather was the same as last time, and I was wearing the same clothes, I decided not to temp fate. Who knows, perhaps I get one of these jobs

The US is back to its normal time. Which is good because I have one more hour to submit for the challenges (especially for shonda_land's Big Bang, that I haven't started yet, FML!) but my shows are also one hour later. So, I can only watch the 8 p.m. shows :(

I seriously don't know what I'm going to do for the BB! And on top of that this is the second to last week of classes (hopefully the second to last EVER!), and I've yet to start studying. So I'll probably do a picspam or two, another two fanmixes (Even though I suck at that) and a couple of icons! The only problem is that my PhotoShop's license has expired and I'm working on GIMP, that I hate with a passion. But, whatever. On the good side, my CG professor (of that awful course I flunked last semester) has agreed to let us retake it (after all, he failed more than half the course), but apparently he's been let go, and he could make our lives hell for those three hours! I seriously hope he isn't TOO vengeful.

A couple of TV  thoughts and I'm gone:
Bonnie and Jeremy: Stop being so damn cute together! And can't ship Bonnie with someone else. Plus, no offense Jeremy, but all your girlfriends ended up dead. You might argue that they were dead to begin with (IIRC he started "dating" Vicky after she was turned, so...), but after they met you, the died-died. Like permanent death. So, I'm more than a bit worried about Bonnie. And even if they weren't being all cute and stuff, the whole nose bleed is enough.
I can't wait for next Saturday! Seriously, Merlin, why do you do this to me? I think I've watched that promo 20 times already
Talking about having on repeat, Glee's song from the Rocky Horror Show ep? They have been played, according to iTunes 57 times (each) since I got them, last week.
I miss EUReKA! When are you coming back? But new eps, and not that Christmas stand alone? Also is Grant coming back? Pretty please?
And Summer Glau is on Chuck tonight, right? Is Linda Hamilton in it, too? 'Cause if they are, and they have screentime together, the universe will collapse!
Serious Thoughts
What the hell are you doing to my ship?
'Cause seriously this ain't cutting it. I overlooked the overly corny You belong to me line and the thing that was supposed to be my ship's first kiss. I moved one. Accepted it. Everything is fine
But this. Seriously? Between Peter being a total guy over Alt!Livia and that scene last ep that could have been great WITHOUT the kiss. Why do I wish we were back in mid-season 2? WHY?
Sad part is I totally called this. Back when that interview Jackson gave saying he saw the Lab group as a family. I remember thinking Seriously, family? Olivia is like his sister? We have definitely different views on family interaction. With my luck, when he starts acting like she isn't his sister, it's gonna ruin it. Which is quite logical when you think about it because he doesn't see them as a couple AT ALL! But why do you have to do this Josh! WHY?

I still have to see the ep, though. I did watch that scene. But I can't seem to make myself watch the alt!verse eps, as excited as I was about them during the summer. :(
25th-Sep-2010 01:50 pm - SERIOUSLY?! (Chuck casting spoiler)
Serious Thoughts
This is a total flail about someone who's gonna be on Chuck soon. If you don't wanna know, stop reading NOW!

SPOILER AHEAD. Proceed carefullyCollapse )
21st-Sep-2010 01:29 am - Premiere season has finally started.
Serious Thoughts
House just broke my heart. I knew I was laughing way too much. Even if their paranoia or hysteria or whatever they are called had me wondering if they were actually theirs or if they were really trying to "protect" the other. What's worst is that I totally bought the smiles at the end. And then that scene. It kind of reminded me of the last scene in The Graduate. You know, when Dustin Hoffman's character and Elaaaaine (WAAAAAAALLLLLTTTTT I couldn't help myself ;P) are on the bus and the smiles fell. It's really the And now, what? feeling. I wanna see how they are gonna deal with it. As nice as it was the scenes when they were being all cuddly and nice, they didn't ring true. All those glimpses of the pre-relationship Huddy were nice and made me love them even more. Even if they were annoying from a purely romantic POV.
One little thorn, though. Chase, I hope you weren't talking about Cameron when you said that it had worked at least once. I get that he has to move on. But I spent two year and a half (but still 5 season) waiting for these two to get together, so that didn't feel as a call back, but as if they were rubbing it in. It's over.

Watching Waiting for Chuck to finish buffering. And then it's on! Then perhaps I'll watch Castle, if it's not too late (it's after all 1:30 a.m. and I should start studying sometime soon). If not, I'll have lunch with Nathan Fillon tomorrow. Uh, that sounds way better...
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