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Memoirs of a Hysterical Undergrad

Rogue Parker
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Memoirs of a Hysterical Undergrad

So, not much to tell about me. I'm 23 years old. Studying to become an accountant. University isn't usually a place that brings me joy (at least not mine), but I like studying, particularly languages and anything math related.
I created this journal mainly to save time so I can study motr. With it, I keep track of my favourite fan fic writers, so that I don't spend all day in the internet (stalking them and fooling around.) It's working, apparently.
I consider myself pretty open to other people's opinions and beliefs, as long as they're not rude towards mine or try to impose them while their only backing argument is ¨because I said so¨. So, I guess if you're not that kind of person, well get along just fine.
I don't write much. I never was one for expressing myself. I really can't write. I get to a place where I don't know whether my point is coming across or I'm making a fool out of myself. So, I usually talk, with my mum or friends about what's going on in my life. If that isn't possible, then I dance. Writing my feelings down is the last alternative. And as I'm not good at it, all my entries are disconnected thoughts. So, logic may not abound here.
Another constant in this journal is my deep rooted dislike for my brother. I really can't stand him sometimes, so rants about him and what he does (or doesn't do) will probably take over the entries. These will be completely nonsensical. If I'm ranting, I write as I speak, and that not good. Trust me.
I ship. That's what I do. I can't watch a movie or show or read a book without have a couple I love. It may not be cannon, or possible at all (eg, people who only had ONE scene together), but I don't care.
As a last note, I can be pretty stupid sometimes, particularly considering my sense of humor. I laugh at almost everything and at the most inappropriate times. So, we can agree that I don't have a very sound mind.
Recently I've discovered land comms (I blame beyondthepen for it) and I'm currently on 3 (which is pretty much my limit). New members are always welcome and we're a friendly bunch, so join if you're interested!!
That's pretty much it. See you around?
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