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Memoirs of a Hysterical Undergrad
I'm trying to work up the nerve to put up a scrapbook, but I don't do… 
5th-Jan-2011 07:43 pm
Serious Thoughts
I'm trying to work up the nerve to put up a scrapbook, but I don't do anything particularly interesting, I don't need to keep a list of all the TV I watch (as it isn't cutting down my study time anymore) and the books I read are mainly chick-lit apparently.

I'm dreading having to work. Like actual work. Right now, I'm doing a refreshing/introductory course, as mostly all the group is made up by summer interns, who may or may not know the basics of auditing as they are young. 20 years old, it seems. I did get to know new people, so that's nice (In my head, that phrase is always said as Shirley does in Community. I miss that show, and it's only been three and a half weeks). Unfortunately I still haven't been assigned to any audits and they have so I'll have to do the whole getting-to-know-the-rest-of-the-group thing again. I think I'm more anxious about it than about the actual job. I suck at that (meeting new people, that it). Guess it a trial and error kind of thing. I just wish I had learned how to do it while I was growing up.

I'm going to start one of those 30 day meme. It will take longer as I won't probably update every day. I took this one from peachlips so thanks are in order: Thanks!

DAY 1: Your current relationship, if single discuss single life

I'm pretty comfortable with being single. After all it's been a life long state for me. I don't particularly care about going to the cinema on my own, or eating out without someone else. I've never had a true and lasting desire to have a boyfriend. The thought has crossed my mind a couple of time, but normally after 5 minutes I'm onto something else. There are some phrases that kind of rule my life. One of that is "Better off alone, than in bad company" (It's my own translation of a saying I know in Spanish, but have no idea if it exists in English). So, seriously, why are you gonna have to stand people you don't want to be around with, just to not be alone. What's wrong about being on your own? This is a bit of a touchy subject for me, as I've been watched as a freak for never having a boyfriend.
6th-Jan-2011 04:13 am (UTC)
Wanted to say I feel you on the boyfriend thing. I've had one boyfriend, but none since college, and I think why I struggle with that is so much more because I feel like other people look down on me for it than because I desperately have to have some man on my arm. Yes, for me it would be very nice to find love and start a family, but I have an amazing life right now, and enjoy my time alone and with friends and family.

You're not alone in this hon *hugs*
6th-Jan-2011 11:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It's nice to find people who know what I'm talking about. I really don't understand why others look down on you when you say you're single. It's not like WE make faces whenever they go all sappy on their SO
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