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Memoirs of a Hysterical Undergrad
TV "thoughts" 
10th-Dec-2010 01:10 am
Serious Thoughts
The bad thing of Fastpass: Real quick uploads, so I'm gonna be watching almost all my Thursday shows tonight.

I have mixed feelings about this ep. After the awesome last two eps, this was just OK. I liked the whole Jessica/Simon storyline. It was cute, and I wanted something good to happen to Simon, because he's had generally bad luck up until now. I thought Jessica had a power, such as superhearing or something like that, especially on that scene in the community center when she first meets Simon. It was a bit of a let down that the "off vibe" I got form her was because she was a virgin. Oh, and by the way, FUCK YOU NATHAN!
I like that the group seems more "together". They looked more like friends lately, which is nice. But WTF with Kelly's King Kong storyline? I found it boring at the beginning and at the end I just skipped those scenes. That girl needs a serious storyline ASAP. I don't remember nothing significant happening to her. But then again it could be because I've been rewatching the last two eps a lot.

After last week rather boring ep, this could only be better. And, we're BACK! The opening was awesome. Troy and Annie helping Abed was a really cute scene. I'm really liking that friendship. Britta's eyebrows were a bit distracting. They were all over the place. But Shirley's singing voice should be used more, not just a year. The only bad thing: The dig at Lost (although the box in box thing was funny) and some parts of the last song.  But all the others, I want to have them. But there's little chance there are available :(

Jeremy and Bonnie were just too cute in that little scene, where they tricked Elena. I still don't get Elijah's plan. Why does he want to find Klaus if he isn't planning on lifting the curse? Is he "next in line" if one of the Originals dies permanently? Poor Caroline. I feel bad for her, 'cause she's trying to help Tyler (poor guy, too) and doesn't know how. And now Bonnie knows how Elena felt last season when she "fake" dispelled the invention. Still, Bonnie had a good reason not to (after all, she couldn't have vampires roaming around town). I'm guessing Luca is going to start doubting his father's intentions, unless he knows something about that relationship that we don't. I really liked Katherine scenes, and I kinda feel sorry for her.

You killed Thom? SERIOUSLY?! WHY! Now my ship is dead. Not like it wasn't before. But his death was so sad, particularly his last line. My poor boy. Despite that, I liked this ep. Not as much as I liked the last one (it had Owen after all) How did Devon Sawa got so hot, BTW? I'm still not feeling Alex/Michael. It's like Damon/Elena for me. I can see it may have appeal for others and I get the scenes that might show the sparks but nope, nothing.

I just so a promo for The Cape featuring Orwell, and I love her already. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it's not gonna last long. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Ok, so Fringe and Bones tomorrow later today. I should catch up with Bones, 'cause I think I only watched the first two eps, and then I completely forget about it. But there's so much excitement about this one, that I'll check it out. Or at least after I read other people's thoughts on it. I may seriously delay watching Fringe. I don't think I'll be able to see Olivia's heart break one more time. I'm dreading seeing her realize that no one knew she wasn't there.
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